Summer Worship- planned changes

06/05/2010 06:26

The Leadership Team spent a considerable amount of time earleir this year thinking about possible changes to the shape of worship during June, July and August. We eventually decided to embrace something we are calling "Come & Go" worship. The "come & go" nature of these gatherings will be the different entrance and exit points during the gathering. I hope the following will help you understand this-

10am Entrance Point 1: This will be the beginning of a time of all-age interactive worship. There will be songs, all-age talk, interactive prayer space, crafts, discussion and prayer.

10:30am Entrance Point 2: Refreshments will be served

10:45am Entrance Point 3/ Exit point 1: This will mark the beginning of a more traditional form of worship with songs, prayer and talk. Although all-ages will be welcome there will be no provision for children during this time, therefore it may be that some families will choose to leave at this point.

11:30am Close of gathering time.

It may seem a little confusing, so perhaps the best thing to do is to come along one Sunday at 10am and see what you think!