God at work- Part 2

11/11/2009 11:52

Having commented on the ways that God is at work in and through our own congregation it was exciting to be part of the Emerging Ministries Conference organised by the Ministries Council of the Church of Scotland. Over three days both Keith and I were challenged by the contributions of Bishop Graham Cray and Stuart Murray Williamson. Along with their weighty input we also had the opportunity to hear of new and innovative things that are emerging across Scotland. During one dinner I heard the story of how "Fridays in Faith" emerged through the prayerful reflection of a group of churches asking how they could encourage those attending a Holiday Club to further explore the Christian Faith. They now hold a monthly gathering on a Friday night where families are able to come and enjoy food, friendship and explore faith in an interactive way. It was encouraging to hear that God was using this to reach previously unchurched families.

God is at Work- Amen