03/02/2010 09:19

OVer the last few weeks we have been looking at the theme of encouragement in our morning gathering. We have considered how we should be encouraged by the character of God, the Good News of Jesus, the Promise of the Holy Spirit and our future hope. Along with these reflections there have also been a number of other encouraging things happening in the life of the congregation. Those involved in the After School Club have been greatly encouraged by the number of children coming along and the fun we are able to enjoy together. There were 15 kids last week enjoying games, baking and a little bit of a bible story. We have also been greatly encouraged by the Friday Lunch Time "Friendship & Faith" Group where we enjoy soup & conversation and then spend a little time reflecting on a part of the bible. The friendship and warmth of this group is a real encouragement as is the honesty when people are thinking about faith. The acoustic cafe has now been running for the last 3 weeks and again it is good to see young people ina and around the building, it is early days and yet there is reason to be encouraged! Finally there have been the evening workshops on Sunday. Between 8 and 12 folk have come along to look at what it means to be "Fit 4 life". Once again the openness of people and the warmth of friendship is something which has been noticeable.

I wonder where you are finding encouragement at this time? Perhaps you could let me know.